This Program is offered to say “THANK YOU” to the loyal people by a merchant for helping in its growth. It may be its employee or customer or friend or agent or anyone else who may have choose its product or services to use/promote/refer/sale/manufacture and has contributed in their profits.

Loyalty Programs has been for decades and the advantages are well known. It is no surprise to know that nearly every Fortune 500 company has some sort of loyalty marketing program. Loyalty Programs increase the visits of the customers both online or offline. They also increase the business each time they visit the merchant as they are likely to be trying to unlock rewards.

GET REWARDS is a Loyalty Rewards Program initiated by SARNIT LOYALTY SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED. It is a multi-merchants and multi rewards program and is offered absolutely FREE on being referred by merchant on purchasing their product or services.

On getting registered you receive a unique ID and the password. This is required whenever you log in the member area online and to redeem any of the rewards you receive through this program. The member has to flash its ID Card whenever demanded by any merchant on availing the benefits offered by them.

The membership is offered by merchants whose product or services you require in day to day life. The main motive of this Loyalty Rewards Program is to create a single platform where every member helps other members through its purchase in rewarding them for being loyal to the merchant/s.

A member can also advertise and promote any product or service through this program absolutely FREE and can offer discounts or special deals to the members of this program on purchasing or utilising their services.