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This Program is offered to say “THANK YOU” to the loyal people by a merchant for helping in its growth. It may be its employee or customer or friend or agent or anyone else who may have choose its product or services to use/promote/refer/sale/manufacture and has contributed in their profits.

Loyalty Programs has been for decades and the advantages are well known. It is no surprise to know that nearly every Fortune 500 company has some sort of loyalty marketing program. Loyalty Programs increase the visits of the customers both online or offline. They also increase the business each time they visit the merchant as they are likely to be trying to unlock rewards.

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Benefits of Programs

Every member getting registered absolutely FREE gets an opportunity to refer the products of the merchants who offer the joining in this program and a chance to earn unlimited incomes, win rewards and get unique offers and discounts .......



Chance to earn up to Rupees 75000/- every week and 3 Lacs a month on team business



Chance to earn up to Rupees 75000/- every week and 3 Lacs a month on total growth of the programby the merchant.



Earn on every product purchased by the member referred as per the commission offered by the merchant/brand.

Hi – Fliers


Rewards received by the people who do quickly more business as compared to others and receives them at regular intervals.



Getting rewarded by the member for referring this program and getting him/her an opportunity to earn and win unlimited rewards.



The member gets a chance to earn income and win rewards on the basis of self and team business in this program.

Lucky Draws

Every member getting registered in this program gets a chance to win through lucky draws on the basis of their business and also on the basis of the growth of this program.

Product of Merchant

These are the products marketed and promoted by the merchants of this program and the list of the products keep on adding day after day in every city and state in the country